Summer Hair Tips from Alfie at The Hair Salon

With summer hair bookings already filling up our schedules, we thought we’d share the team’s top tips for summer hair.
First up, we ask Alfie to answer his most frequently asked questions from clients for the summer holiday season, and to share his top summer hair tips.


Q. Can I swim in a pool with my blonde hair or will it go green or yellow?


A. Yes you can, but remember that Chlorine is a form of bleach (that kills bacteria in the water) so make sure you’re protecting your hair by following these simple tips:

Alfie’s Summer Hair Tips

  • Tying hair up so it’s out of the water as much as possible.
  • Wet your hair in the shower before you enter the pool. Your hair will absorb water like a sponge, and once you enter the pool, it will already be saturated and be slightly less affected by the chlorine in the pool.
  • Use a leave-in spray that helps close down hair cuticles.
  • We love Kevin Murphy Everlasting.Colour wash, rinse and leave in treatment spray. This is perfect for addressing the Ph balance and contains sun protection, and will help maintain your colour and condition in and out of the pool.

Kevin Murphy Colour.Me


Q. Should I get my hair done before or after my holiday?


A. Both! I always plan a pre-summer holiday hydration treatment. I make sure the service provides protection from sun, sea and sand. Also, stock up on the products that have UVA/B to nourish your holiday hair.  This prep will save your summer colour, and on your return you can have your new colour to compliment your new summer glow!
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