New Year, Same Salon, Same Ethos

As we enter into 2024 we’ve been reflecting on the past year and reviewing our sustainability and environmental practices to make sure that in this New Year, we’re the same salon with the same ethos, doing all we can as a business to maintain our founding principles.

New Year, Same Salon, Same Ethos

The Hairdressing industry does create a lot of waste with the use of foils, paper towels and a tonne of hair care products day-to-day, and we’ve always tried to do as much as we can to reduce our environmental impact. As we all know, even small changes (as well as big) do make a difference. We’ve been strict with the brands we choose to stock and how we dispose of our salon waste, these decisions do have a financial impact – but we don’t think you can put a price on protecting the environment. So this year we’re introducing some new ideas to The Hair Salon so you can relax in the knowledge that we’re taking the right steps to improve our environmental footprint – while we take care of your hair.

New Year, Same Salon, Same Ethos


The Green Salon Collective

One of the positive changes we’ve made recently is to work with the Green Salon Collective, a company founded by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners, they are the original authority on holistic salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Green Salon Collective’s commitment to innovative recycling methods goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the beauty industry. By redefining waste as a resource, they set a brilliant example for salons worldwide, proving that sustainability and creativity can go hand in hand. As the collective continues to push boundaries, the future of the salon industry looks greener and more sustainable than ever.

Green Salon Collective is leading the charge by transforming what was once considered waste – human hair – into a valuable resource with over 10 groundbreaking recycling methods. Watch the video below to see all the ways human hair can be used: 


New Plant based Vegan Hair Care

Another change you’ll see this year at The Hair Salon is a new collection of retail haircare products. We’re excited to launch Davroe this month, a gorgeous range of natural plant-based formulations that reflect their dedication to exceptional haircare, without compromising ethical values. Their products are (and always have been) vegan, sulphate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and are committed to cruelty free practices. We know the ingredients of products and recyclability of packaging are important to our clients so we hope you’ll love Davroe as much as we do.

New Year, Same Salon, Same Ethos


Formulations that protect your hair

These Australian made products contain a unique colour protecting complex enriched with a combination of nature’s finest elements, including Quinoa Protein, Grape Seed Extracts, Kakadu Plum, and Olive Leaf Extract. These natural ingredients work in harmony to infuse your hair with UV protectants and seal the cuticle, safeguarding your colour from the damaging effects of the sun and environmental stressors.

Not only does the Colour Protect Complex safeguard your hair colour, but it also enhances its brilliance. The combination of carefully curated ingredients works synergistically to amplify the richness and depth of your colour, allowing it to truly shine.

Additionally, the protective complex acts as a barrier against harmful UV rays, shielding your hair from sun damage that can dull and fade your colour prematurely. With added Vitamin C, this complex also aids in combating free radicals, protecting the health and integrity of your hair.

Davroe at The Hair Salon Brighton


100% Recyclable packaging

All Davroe plastic bottles, caps and tubes are 100% recyclable, and all cardboard used in their packaging is recycled and recyclable. So we’re very happy to be stocking a brand that is working towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious beauty industry.

Pop into The Hair Salon to find out more about the new Davroe collection, or book an appointment with one of our stylists and discover what products will suit your hair.

Love, Oliver x

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