How to use a hair masque to care for your hair

After investing time and money in getting your hair perfected at The Hair Salon, why not take the salon experience home with you to help maintain the colour and condition of your hair, while also creating a little time for yourself to relax and unwind?

One of the best ways to look after your hair between salon appointments is by using a hair masque. An often overlooked and misunderstood product, hair masques are easy to apply yourself and when used correctly – give your strands the care, nourishment and attention needed between appointments.

Designed to penetrate the cuticle and nourish the hair shaft, masques target areas that the humble conditioner can’t reach.

Make sure you choose the best hair masque for your hair, ask your stylist what masque would be most suitable for you.


How to use a hair masque to care for your hair:

  • Give yourself time to unwind and relax at least once a week, and make applying a hair masque part of your self-care routine. Enjoy the aromas of the essential oils and indulgent ingredients in the masque.
  • Assemble everything you need, a wide-toothed comb, a hair clip, a towel, and a hot bath or shower ready to step into.
  • Wash your hair first with a cleansing shampoo, followed by a second wash with a shampoo that suits your hair type. Squeeze out excess water from your hair, you can towel dry if you wish, this stops the masque from being diluted by water residue.
  • Rub a tablespoon full amount of the masque between your hands for 5 seconds to activate the ingredients. Apply the masque to the hair and comb through starting from the ends of the hair, to avoid tangles.
  • Focus on the areas that need the most attention such as the ends and mid-lengths, and avoid getting too close to the scalp as new hair is far healthier and doesn’t need intense conditioning.
  • The masque will work better when your chosen conditioner is applied on top of the masque, helping to push the ingredients further into the hair shaft. Once applied, use a hair clip to secure the hair. We love the Wanderlust and Wild clips, they are strong and work well on wet hair. (and available in The Hair Salon shop!)
  • For maximum results, run a hair towel under the hot tap, wrap your hair up and leave for 10 mins or until the towel cools down. This will help open the hair cuticle and allow the hair to fully absorb the treatment.
  • Rinse, rinse,  rinse! It’s so important to make sure you have thoroughly removed the masque with tepid water, to help close the cuticle down, and lock the goodness in.
  • And finally lie back, relax and enjoy some precious me time!

Did you know…

We often hear that people leave a hair masque on overnight as they think this will do more good, but in fact, it does the opposite. Hair masques and treatments stop working after 10/20 mins (depending on the manufacturer). So leaving a hair masque on for longer will only cause product build-up and will solidify in the hair shaft making it harder to rinse out.

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