10 top tips for your appointment at The Hair Salon

We want your visit to The Hair Salon to be as relaxing for you as possible, and for you to have the best customer experience, so here are 10 top tips for your appointment to help make everything go as smooth as possible.


10 tips for your appointment at The Hair Salon


10 tips for your appointment at The Hair Salon

1. Clean Hair.

Wash your hair the day before your appointment especially if you’re having a colour, as dirty hair will take longer to lift, or be more resistant to taking colour and coverage will be hindered. Greasy hair will make the hair look darker and cooler than its true colour. These days hair dye is far more advanced and has less aggressive ingredients like Ammonia, which can aggravate the scalp. Back in the day, having dirty hair would mean you would have a barrier on the scalp which would stop any itchiness – but isn’t relevant today.

2. Think about your outfit.

Choose colours that compliment your skin tone, this will help with choosing the right tones for your hair colour, and help determine the silhouette of your cut. Please avoid wearing hoodies or roll neck tops, as they get in the way, make cutting difficult and also collect hair.

Avoid wearing new clothes or your favourite top to your hair appointment. We do our utmost to cover and protect you and your clothes, but colour can sometimes leak and result in stained clothes. Especially when washing colour off, navigating around the neckline and making sure all colour has been removed. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

3. Consultation & Communication.

If you’re thinking of a change of hair style or stylist, be prepared with photos and Pinterest boards. The more information you have the better. Create a folder before-hand so you’re not sitting there swiping through your album of last summer trying to find THAT photo. We also recommend communicating to your regular stylist that you’re thinking of a change before your appointment, as a new look can take longer and may not work in the time that you have booked in. Subtle changes are easy to manage, but a BIG change can really throw a spanner in the works.

4. The awkward world of cancellations and affordability.

Let’s face it, things happen in life that can have a major effect on our budget. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, and want to cut back, talk to your stylist about this. They’re maybe a way around your service that can keep both you and your stylist happy, and avoid embarrassing cancellation fees and a dent in you and your stylists relationship.

5. Moving on.

Sometimes a change is good and as all stylist know, our job is transient. As a hairdresser, we move salons until we find the one that fits us best, and after a few years move on, we have all done it! This also happens with clients. As stylists we understand that routine can become hard to change, and sometimes this is what’s needed. We are never offended if you want to try someone else, even in the same salon! We  are curious creatures and sometimes the grass is greener and a fresh opinion on your hair can sometimes be the best thing, we haven’t taken any vows of commitment! 

10 tips for your appointment at The Hair Salon


6. Time keeping.

Some stylists run on time and some don’t. But we try so hard to keep to a time slot.  Plan your appointment on a day that you’re not squeezing other commitments, just in case your stylist is running over.  Also try and give yourself time to get to the salon and plan your parking before you arrive. There is nothing worse than having to run out of the salon with wet hair and move your car, and delay your stylist appointments, this is just stressful for everyone involved. And make sure you bring something that’s weather appropriate, so you don’t have to leave the salon with beautiful hair and it’s raining! 

7. Home hair care.

Ask your stylist what’s the best plan for your hair at home, spending 3 hours and lots of money on your hair needs to have the home care to support it. Salon products ARE the best, and no one knows your hair better than your stylist. They may cost more but the quality is better and product more concentrated, and will actually make your hair feel better for longer. So it actually is more cost effective in the long run. 

8. Cancellation policy.

Check with your stylist what their cancellation policy is, everyone is different, some may ask for a 50% of the service for last minute cancellations as this will have a huge impact on their day. Some may waiver cancellation fees as long as you’re booked. Give as much notice as possible, the stylist most likely has a waiting list, so if they can fill that appointment then a cancellation fee might not be needed. Communication is key! 

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